Your Act of Green

Our students, staff and faculty share how they are making a difference through a simple act of green.

Your Act of Green

What are you doing to show your commitment to Earth Week? Video CameraShare your Act of Green by submitting a video!

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  • Going paperless on my sketches and notes." —Luis Sanz, Staff
  • I pledge to continue to donate surplus food to Inland Harvest and homeless shelters in Riverside County." —UCR
  • I pledge to have more than 1.1 MW of solar power generation on campus by 2012." —UCR
  • I pledge to continue to hold a Farmer's market twice a month." —UCR
  • I pledge to continue to offer sustainable dining by serving UCR-grown citrus, cowpeas, dates and asparagus at campus eateries." —UCR
  • I pledge to continue to compost 70 pounds of coffee grinds a week." —UCR
  • I pledge to continue to save 8000 gallons of water a week by trayless dining." —UCR
  • Picking up trash as I walk across campus. Help keep UCR clean and green." —Ross French, Staff
  • I pledge to turn off the lights when I leave the room." —Vicki Gomes, Staff
  • I pledge to go paperless, and to recycle more!" —Kirby Domingo, Student
  • I pledge to plant trees, recycle and compost more." —Francisco V., Staff
  • I pledge to eat less meat. Worldwide livestock farming generates %18 of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. All the world's cars, trains, planes and boats combined: %13" —Sureyya Tuncel, Staff
  • I pledge to put big effort into informing and educating the public on environmental issues." —Ertem Tuncel, Faculty
  • I pledge to teach my children the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing." —Alicia Velazquez, Staff
  • I pledge to continue recycling and to maintain a conscientious perspective on our environment." —Cameron Booth, Student
  • I pledge to take shorter showers and turn off all lights when I'm not using them." —Joseph Smith, Student
  • I pledge to unplug electronics when they are not in use. Also to reuse plastic bottles." —Bhavik, Student
  • I pledge to continue composting my yard and kitchen waste, eating locally or home-grown food (no meat), avoiding plastics and harmful chemicals, and riding my bike to work." —Don Davidson, Staff
  • Walking to the store. It's four blocks away... why am I driving? —Kristin, Staff
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This Website Has Been Made With 100% Recycled Material

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